About Us

Techtino Solution is a provider of products and services required by the customers to build their technology-related infrastructures. As a highly committed technology provider, we are investing in building connection with customers, understanding their needs and creating value through information and support to assist them in solving their IT-related problems.

We offer wider range of IT product such as desktop PCs, notebooks, networking, hardware, genuine software, printer, printer consumable, LCD monitor and other IT-related products. Whether it is for the use at home or business workplace, our large selection features the latest and upgraded technological devices.

Service is the cornerstone for business as well, and we believe personal relationships are the key to our success. We have our very knowledgeable staff with an average over 10 years of experience to assist you in all aspects of IT products and services.

Our aim is to continuously strengthen our technical knowledge, enhance our experience and deepening customer trust through the quality of our products and services. We look forward to walkthrough the journey with you.